SCORE offers a fast-paced and rapid-growth work environment where student focus, collaboration, optimism, innovation, and excellence are highly valued. Every position at SCORE offers team members the opportunity to support our mission of advancing student achievement in Tennessee. SCORE is based in Nashville at Vanderbilt University’s John Seigenthaler Center.

Career Opportunities

OVERVIEW OF THE POSITION SCORE is seeking a mission-aligned, experienced communications professional to lead all aspects of the organization's communications strategy in an effort to improve public education outcomes in Tennessee. The Director of Communications will be responsible for developing and executing a multichannel communication, public relations, and media strategy, aimed at…
Graduate Fellow “The progress that our students have made in recent years is inspiring – there is no doubt that they are capable of achieving at high levels and leading Tennessee into a bright future. While education stakeholders are already working together in exciting ways in Tennessee, it is our responsibility to redouble our innovative efforts to ensure that we are supporting our students